Extend your horizons and enter the world of PANORAMA partitions. PANORAMA partitions blend together the airy elegance of the AERO system and unique functionality of the ELEMENT system. The double glass structure of PANORAMA partitions ensures maximum privacy for your meetings and creates a highly aesthetic element for your offices. There is no need to make compromises between your privacy and a beautiful interior any longer.
Technical information
Partition thickness Starting module width Starting module height Starting door leaf dimension Airy and soundproof
80 mm 1000 mm 3000 mm 800x2100 mm Glass partition to 42 dB according to the type of glass used

System advantages

  • Exceptionally quick and dust-free installation
  • Elegant airy design
  • Integrated blinds available
  • Excellent acoustic parameters
  • Firm and practically invisible joints of individual glass elements
  • Possibility of future changes in the position of the partitions
​System detail
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