Dividing Walls

Dividing walls are an attractive solution to quickly divide your office and private space. You can choose from several options, such as glass curtain walls, noise barriers and various types of retractable and separating walls.

With the help of partition walls, you can easily divide the space not only in offices and conference rooms, but also in classrooms, gyms, etc.

The installation of dividing walls requires only minimal structural modifications. In the case of VERTI FLOW, the glass screens are suspended on guide rails, while VERTI MOTION secures the ceiling panels.

Advantages of partition walls:

  • Changing the layout of a room in an instant,
  • manual and semi-automatic operation,
  • Aesthetics and quality material,
  • acoustic comfort,
  • quiet handling,
  • easy and dust-free installation.

Create the space you need. The dividing walls make it easy to change the layout of the room – a large conference room can easily become 3 smaller, acoustically and visually separated meeting rooms.