VERTI MODULAR is a tilt-up construction for halls consisting of a skeleton sheathed with VERTI ELEMENT.  It’s the optimal solution for built-in constructions, when it is necessary to isolate a room from processing or storage. VERTI MODULAR an elegant and effective solution when it is necessary to minimize disturbing impulses and create new room for your employees.  Construction of a modern boardroom is one of the best alternatives that can help you achieve necessary privacy during a business meeting.
Technical information
Partition thickness Starting module width Starting module height Starting door leaf dimension Airy and soundproof
80 mm 1000 mm 3300 mm 800-2100 mm Glass part up to 45 dB, full part up to 47 dB, wooden door up to 35 dB, glass door up to 32 dB and aluminum door up to 33 dB.

System advantages

  • Exceptionally quick and dust-free installation
  • Upgrading your workspace by isolating clear rooms from processing
  • Excellent acoustic parameters
  • Possibility of future changes  in the position of the partitions
​System detail
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