VERTI MOTION makes literally immediate changes in a room distribution possible and thus creates isolated functional units. Their technical construction meets the highest requirements of acoustic comfort thanks to excellent noise isolation and a nearly noiseless movement of particular partitions. Highly stable and easy to handle construction provides you with comfortable manipulation with your mobile wall.
Technical information
Partition thickness Starting module width Starting module height Starting door leaf dimension Airy and soundproof
50-110 mm 700-1300 mm 3000 mm 800-2100 mm 32-54 dB

System advantages

  • Exceptionally quick and dust-free installation
  • Different kinds of surfaces and colour variants according to RAL
  • Particular modules can be solid or glassed-in with safety glass
  • Excellent acoustic parameters
  • Possibility of future changes  in the position of the partitions
Photo Gallery VERTI MOTION
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