Airiness in the true sense of the word has been called AERO. AERO partitions mean light, elegance and maximum minimalism, which can be achieved in the world of glass partitions. A simple glass structure consisting of an unobtrusively joined glass elements will guarantee an aesthetically unique division of space and also sufficient privacy even for your discreet meetings. The magic of AERO partitions does not lie merely in their beauty but also in their surprising functionality.
Technical information
Partition thickness Starting module width Starting module height Starting door leaf dimension Airy and soundproof
20 mm 1000 mm 3000 mm 800x2100 mm Glass partition to 38 dB according to the type of glass used and anchoring system

System advantages

  • Exceptionally quick and dust-free installation
  • Elegant airy design
  • Firm and practically invisible joints of individual glass elements
  • Unique acoustic properties thanks to an internationally patented solution
  • Possibility of future changes in the position of the partitions
​System detail
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